Mikey North says Pat Phelan's 'Coronation Street' demise is going to "come full circle".

Mikey North

Mikey North

The 'Corrie' star's character Gary Windass will track down the evil serial killer - played by Connor McIntyre - in an upcoming episode after discovering he is still alive, and the builder looks set to play a huge part in the murderer's downfall.

He said: "It is all going to come full circle in the end and it will end where it all began in some ways.

"I think it is really nice and it's great to be a part of it. Gary is the one person who has never had the wool pulled over his eyes about Phelan whereas a lot of people have."

Despite knowing he should be phoning the police rather than coming face-to-face with Phelan, Gary can't help himself, and Mikey admits his alter-ego is desperate to get justice for Phelan's victims.

He said: "It is doing something which is wrong but he knows this guy has ruined the lives of so many people and put so many people's lives in danger so he wants to see it through to the end, and this is the way to get it."

Gary is particularly keen to get justice for his mother Anna Windass (Debbie Rush), who ended up in jail because of Phelan.

He said: "Gary makes the wrong decisions with the right intent, his heart is always in the right place, he doesn't see what is going to unravel afterwards. But the sub plot here is, Anna. He now knows that he is doing this for his mum.

"I think [Gary is a good guy], and that's what's changed about him over the years. At the start he was that brash, harsh hard man that just wants to fight with everyone but he has grown up.

"I do think he is a good guy now but there are still those traits that were sewn when he first started. Now he's got redeeming qualities."

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