Mikey North would like to revisit Gary Windass' villainous side.

Mikey North

Mikey North

The 'Coronation Street' actor admitted his character on the ITV soap had an edge to him when he first appeared back in 2008, and he has opened up on the possibility of bringing his alter ego "full circle" and letting that side out once again.

He said: "Gary came into the show as a bit of a 'chavvy villain', I always say. He was fiery and always getting into scrapes, sometimes on the wrong side of the law - he's a Windass after all.

"Then he joined the army and suffered with PTSD which has impacted on who he is now. It would be great to revisit that side of his personality if the opportunity arises.

"It's always nice to see things come full circle with a character. He was like that once so it's definitely within him. Gary's got into a lot of scrapes along the years - he's had more fights than Mike Tyson - so I'd definitely be open to that."

When the Underworld factory roof collapses next week, Gary will be amongst the suspects after he cut corners when he was tasked with a cheap repair job rather than the extensive work it actually needed.

He added: "The first thing that goes through Gary's mind is are they going to blame me for this because I'm the one who did the work on the roof.

"He told Carla it needed replacing and yes it's come down a lot sooner than either of them ever expected but is he going to be blamed for being negligent. Gary's worried that he's going to be in some way liable for this."

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