Miranda Hart is having a brain detox in a bid to cure her anxiety.

Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart

The 45-year-old comedian - who previously starred in the hit TV series 'Call the Midwife' - has agreed to participate in the 21-day detox as part of a new BBC documentary about mental health.

The British star has been dogged by anxiety throughout her career, pulling out of several West End performances of 'Annie' in 2017 with a mystery illness, while she's also cancelled appearances on 'Call the Midwife' and the Royal Variety Performance.

In her 2016 book 'Miranda's Daily Dose Of Such Fun', the TV star described her anxiety as "like wading through treacle", explaining that it even hindered her performing day-to-day activities, like walking to a postbox.

What's more, Miranda has previously admitted to suffering from agoraphobia - which causes her to avoid certain places or situations.

She previously explained: "I thought the world was a bit scary.

"Some people get depressed for six months then pull themselves together.

"I just hid in a room in the house and didn't really go out. It was my blip."

Miranda claimed she will continue to fight anxiety for the rest of her life, adding that she's just "naturally a bit under, a bit depressed".

She shared: "I think I'll always be a slightly anxious person. It's just bad genes, bad luck really. I'll always have to force myself to see the positive, because I'm wired badly.

"I'm just naturally a bit under, a bit depressed."

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