Yesterday (November 3rd, 2021), MTV announced that reporter-led investigative series, True Life Crime UK, will be returning for a second season that will premiere later this month (November, 2021) on MTV’s international channels. 

Picture Credit: MTV

Picture Credit: MTV

True Crime shows and documentaries are intensely popular with audiences; many people enjoy learning about criminals and crimes that have occurred around the world, even those close to home. Later this November (2021) will see a popular crime show hit MTV once again. 

True Life Crime UK first aired in 2020 to audiences outside of the US. Broadcast journalist, Linda Adey, reprises her role as host for the upcoming second season; she will be looking into six cases involving young people who have been murdered, or are still missing. 

The stories covered by Adey cover many topical themes, such as the campaign to end violence against women and girls, gang and knife crime outside of the UK’s large cities, the threats facing the homeless community, and the dangers posed by social media. 

Linda Adey in True Life Crime UK / Picture Credit: MTV
Linda Adey in True Life Crime UK / Picture Credit: MTV

Cases featured in the forthcoming series include: 

  • Georgina Gharsallah, 30 years of age, went missing from Worthing in 2018. Did she give up on her old life in favour of a new one? Or, did something much more sinister occur? Adey looks into the case and spies out every possible lead. 
  • Alex Davis’ disappearance takes Adey to the stunning West Lancaster countryside. While looking into the case of 18-year-old Alex, Adey is astounded by what she finds as she unveils a twisted plot of violence and lies... 
  • Adey also investigates the case of Ellie Gould, a 17-year-old schoolgirl who was sadly found dead in her family home under suspicious circumstances. Adey investigates Ellie’s death, and witnesses how her family’s courageous fight for justice and change in the ways violent cases against women are treated. 
  • Conner Marhsall, 18, was found beaten and close to death by a beach in South Wales. Adey wonders how a beloved and popular young man became the victim of something so horrible. Adey makes some shocking discoveries and unveils mistakes that haunt Conner’s family to this day. 
  • Travis Spencer Aitkens, 17, was murdered on a quiet street in Ipswich – in broad daylight. Adey talks to his family and friends in order to find out why this young man was attacked so brutally, only yards away from his dad’s home. 
  • Jodie Wilkinson was stabbed to death on a sunny afternoon in Newcastle, surrounded by eye witnesses. Adey’s investigation takes her into the city’s homeless community, where she seeks answers as to why Jodie’s death never received justice. 

True Life Crime UK will land on MTV international channels on November 24th, 2021. 

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Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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