Myleene Klass saved her daughter from choking on holiday.

Myleene Klass

Myleene Klass

Six years after Myleene, 40, stopped her youngest child Hero, now seven, from harm after she swallowed a small plastic star, Myleene saved her older daughter Ava, 11, during a similar incident during a recent getaway.

She tweeted: "My daughter (the other one this time) choked on holiday and I only knew what to do because I've done a first aid course. Please parents, arm and educate yourselves. It happened so quickly. 5 mins later it was as if nothing had happened. I've just booked another refresher course (sic)."

Her pal Nicole Appleton replied saying: "That must have been sooo scary!!" and Myleene wrote: "Scary how quickly she started eating the rest of her meal again! But yeah, horrible. X."

Myleene has previously spoken about the terrifying incident with Hero in 2012.

She said: "I'd just dropped Ava at school and was doing the washing-up while Hero was playing on the floor by my feet.

"It was a week before her first birthday. She wasn't quite walking at that stage and suddenly I became aware she was half-crawling, half-staggering over to me.

"She'd gone really, really pale and there was a bit of blood coming out of her mouth.

"I ran to her and could see she was struggling to get her breath, she wasn't making any noise at all because of course she couldn't, but that complete silence was utterly petrifying.

"I felt sick and every part of my body ran cold. But from somewhere, what I'd learned five years before kicked in. The whole incident was over in about 20 seconds, but it felt like an hour.

"Without that basic first-aid training the outcome could have been so different."

And she has encouraged other parents to have first aid training.

Myleene said: "Go on a course. Get educated. It's a few hours but it gives you the power to save a life - perhaps your own child's life."

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