In a Loose Women exclusive earlier today, Nadiya Hussain revealed that she will be baking the birthday cake for the Queen's 90th celebrations.

Speaking to her fellow panelists on the chat show, she explained: "The words aren't coming out - I had to compose myself.

"I'm making the Queen's 90th birthday cake. It is a Loose Women exclusive. I've had to keep it secret for a few weeks.

"How often do you get to say 'the Queen's birthday cake' in one sentence?!"

She added: "I got a phone call from my agent [after an offer] and then she was like, 'It's true', and I was like, 'are you sure?!'"

"I had the option, I could have said no," she said. "I can't say no to the Queen, can I?

"I googled all her cakes throughout her years and now I feel even worse, because chocolate fingers won't do!"

Presenting the cake personally next Thursday, April 21 at Windsor castle, she even revealed what would be going into the cake.

"I opted for no fruit cake. I'm doing an orange drizzle. Orange drizzle with orange curd, and orange buttercream. So very citrusy."

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