Nathan Massey will stay with Cara De La Hoyde "a few nights a week" after their baby is born.

Cara De La Hoyde

Cara De La Hoyde

The former couple - who split in March - are expecting their first child together, and though they have no plans to get back together, they have stayed close and would be "gutted" if the other began dating someone new.

Cara said: "There are no plans to get back together right now, but he'll stay over for a few nights a week when the baby arrives.

"We'd both be gutted if one of us started dating someone new - I always think of him as 'my Nathan' but we're happy as we are and we get on brilliantly."

While the pair, who got together in the 2016 series of 'Love Island', are no longer together, they'd love to have a reality show about their journey as new parents but Cara doesn't think her life is as glamorous as that of fellow reality star mums Samantha Faiers and Binky Felstead.

She said: "Sam and Binky's shows are wonderful, but Nathan and I wouldn't be going to Beverly Hills or dining in Harrods, it's all a bit fancy.

"I think a lot of couples would be able to relate to us as we're so normal.

"I don't have the ideal, picture-perfect family, but I've always wanted to be a mum so it feels like a dream come true."

Though the 28-year-old beauty wishes the circumstances around her pregnancy, which she only discovered after splitting from Nathan, were different, she isn't worried about being a single parent.

She told Closer magazine: "Of course I wish things were different - I grew up watching Disney films and thought I'd be married with kids, but nowadays it' not uncommon to come from a broken family and there's no stigma in being a single mum.

"I look at girls like Amy [Childs] and Ferne [McCann] and they're fine my themselves."