Naughty Boy has become the fourth contestant to leave the 'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!' castle.

Naughty Boy has left the castle

Naughty Boy has left the castle

The 40-year-old record producer has followed Dame Arlene Phillips, Kadeena Cox and Snoochie Shy in leaving the ITV show.

During his exit interview, Naughty Boy discussed the disagreements he was involved in during his time in the camp.

Asked about the arguments, he said: "Was I the instigator? No."

The producer also spoke specifically about the argument that took place after the two camps merged into one.

He explained: "I feel like when in The Clink we bonded in a different way, when we came to the main camp there was a bit of teething."

However, he started to feel more comfortable within the group after he took on the trials.

He said: "I started to feel like I'm doing something, like I belong here. Before I felt, 'Do they need me, do they want me?' I wanted to contribute."

Prior to leaving the castle, Naughty Boy explained to the campmates how he came to work with Beyonce.

The producer collaborated with the chart-topping star on the 2015 single 'Runnin' (Lose It All)'.

He shared: "I'd met her in Beverly Hills – and Jay-Z ... I think they were playing Backgammon. Fast forward about five/six months, she wanted to speak to me. She got my number from the label and called me.

"Obviously I didn't believe it. But this is why she's a Queen. She wanted to speak to me [directly].

"My friend was driving, we stopped at a service station because I had the call come in. It was her, it was the Queen, Queen B.

"After the call I was just like, 'Store this number!' I saved it as 'Queen B'. She's so caring and so exactly what you'd expect her to be. No diva-ness."

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