Netflix have this week announced a brand new original comedy series called After Life, created by and starring Ricky Gervais. Gervais stars in the show as Tony; a man with a perfect life, but somebody who’s thrown into disarray when his wife Lisa suddenly passes away.

Ricky Gervais has created a new comedy series for Netflix

Ricky Gervais has created a new comedy series for Netflix

Contemplating suicide, Tony instead decides to go out and punish the world as he sees fit, doing as he pleases no matter the consequences. Thinking of his newfound honesty and desire to do whatever he wants as a superpower, he’ll be left wondering exactly what to do when those around him try to save the nice guy they once knew.

With Gervais also directing and serving as an executive producer, this is a real result of a lot of hard work from the British star. Charlie Hanson also works as an executive producer on the series, which consists of six 30-minute episodes through this debut season.

No pictures or a trailer for the show have yet been revealed, and exactly who’ll be starring alongside Gervais is yet to be announced, but we imagine this is a huge passion project for Netflix, and one that will have people talking for some time ahead of its release, and through its premiere.

We’ll bring you more news on After Life as and when we get it.

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