Dating shows are loved by most people; finding out who likes who, if a couple will stay together, or if one of them isn’t being totally truthful. This September (2021), however, will see a brand-new dating show landing on ITV2 that will have you glued to your screen.

New dating shows are coming out rather frequently and are becoming more inventive, such as Sexy Beasts on Netflix, which sees its participants dress up like animals and all sorts, in order to hide their looks and let their personalities shine through.

However, Ready To Mingle is an all-new dating show with a twist that will leave you reeling, and wondering who will win the cash prize.

The concept is simple: one girl, 12 men to pick from. The catch? Some of the guys’ partners are in on it, and have put faith in their man not to deceive them.

The men must all compete for the attention of one lovely lady, who will eliminate them one-by-one throughout the show, which should leave her with her ‘dream man’.

Whichever men have partners watching from behind the scenes will be guided by them, because it seems that whoever is chosen at the end of it all, gets the cash prize.

Ready To Mingle is coming this September / Picture Credit: ITV2
Ready To Mingle is coming this September / Picture Credit: ITV2

Ready To Mingle is a dating show with a real twist, as drama, tension and suspicions surround the luxury house the contestants will be staying in, suggesting that there will be trouble in paradise.

The single woman will get to know each and every guy that has presented himself. They will go on dates, play games, and participate in fun activities in order to see if they are meant to be.

All the while, girlfriends will be keeping an eye on their fellas, who might end up taking the competition to extremes in order to bag the cash.

Will the single man win? Or will the guy with the girlfriend win the affections of another woman, in order to win the money?

There are so many ways this show can go, which of course adds to the mystery of the series. The single woman could be left high and dry, she could meet her prince charming, or one of the guys in a relationship could end up leaving with a different woman...

Katherine Ryan is set to host this mind-melding new series, and with twists and turns around every corner, viewers won’t know what to expect.

Ready To Mingle will be on ITV2 in September, 2021.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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