Nana McQueen is set to get a new love interest.

Nana McQueen

Nana McQueen

The 'Hollyoaks' granny - played by Diane Langton - will be swept off her feet by a man when the whole family jet off to Malaga for Mercedes McQueen's raucous hen party.

Nana meets Ronaldio through a dating app and although she is initially disappointed that he is not the dashing Latin lover she was expecting, she gives him a chance and the pair spend a memorable night together.

However, there could be heartbreak in store for the McQueen family matriarch when the holiday ends and she is faced with leaving her new love behind.

Nana is not the only one who gets more than she bargained for on the wild hen party adventure; Courtney Campbell is set for a shock when she bumps into Liam Donovan, the father of her daughter Iona.

One year after Maxim Baldry left the Channel 4 soap - after his character struggled to cope since his half-sister Grace Black killed his girlfriend Eva Falco - he has been replaced with 'Anna Karenina' actor, Jude Monk McGowan, who will make his debut in the Magaluf episodes.

The meeting comes as a huge surprise to Liam, who has spent the past year drowning his sorrows in alcohol, drugs and women.

Jude recently said: "Liam has been grieving the loss of his partner and child. He decided to deal with his loss by hiding, not dealing with it, and burying it in drugs, alcohol and women.

"He hasn't properly dealt with his pain, and as a result, is in a destructive and dark place."

Liam is also set to struggle with being a father to Iona, as his own chance of having a baby with Eva is gone.

He added: "It's very difficult for Liam to accept responsibility for Iona, because it was an unintentional pregnancy from a one-night stand, but mostly that part of his life [having a child with the woman he loved] is dead.

"Becoming the father to Eva's child was a future which didn't happen, and for him, that was his one shot at having a family."