Sky has recently unveiled the trailer for season two of Code 404, a criminally funny comedy.

Code 404 (season one) follows Detectives Major (Daniel Mays) and Carver (Stephan Graham), two of the Met Police’s best crime-fighting cops on the force. However, when one Detective suffers terminal injuries, he is brought back to life through the power of technology.

Major is gunned down on the job, but that won’t stop the Met from getting him to work. He goes through vigorous tests and is resurrected, all thanks to an experimental artificial intelligence project. What could go wrong?

Now, season two is approaching and fans are getting excited to see the dynamic duo of Major and Carver back in action.

Despite the pair being prepped and ready to go, there are still a few glitches in the system. After cracking The Juggler case with his partner, Detective Inspector (DI) Major feels as though he has finally reached his potential as the best cop in the SIU; but it came at a price.

Finally realising that his supposed best friend had been intimate with his wife while he was away, their partnership is broken and the two diverge.

However, before old wounds can heal a 20-year-old case is reopened, and Major and Carver find themselves working together once again and are thrown back into the thick of it.

Stephan Graham and Daniel Mays in Code 404 / Picture Credit: Sky
Stephan Graham and Daniel Mays in Code 404 / Picture Credit: Sky

With a forthcoming divorce, the return of an absentee father, and death, danger and horror lurking around every corner, Major begins to feel the tug of pressure that comes with his job, and starts exhibiting behavioural glitches.

Much to the concern of the disloyal Carver, the issues appear to require more than a typical reboot; will our cyborg hero be looking at terminal failure?

Code 404 series 2, along with Mays and Graham, features brand-new cast members Meera Syal (Elizabeth Churchland) and Clive Russell (Clifford Major) who will be joining the cast.

Anna Maxwell Martin will be reprising her role as Major’s wife, and other returning cast members include Michelle Greenidge (Not Judy), Rosie Cavaliero (Dennett), Richard Gadd (Liam Cleasby) and Amanda Payton (Alison Parfit).

Despite the somewhat serious narrative, the trailer for season two of Code 404 boasts a comical and hilarious journey for Major and Carver, with a flair of action thrown in.

It seems as though fans can expect to see the return of both comedy and action with the show’s return; but can Major and Carver work out their differences in order to do their jobs?

Code 404 will be returning on Sky Comedy (and NOW) on September 1st, 2021, with every episode available immediately.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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