Jessica Moor has a new man.

Nick Knowles and Jessica Moor

Nick Knowles and Jessica Moor

The estranged wife of 'DIY SOS' presenter Nick Knowles has recently started dating 27-year-old RAF engineer William Babbage, after the pair met at her local pub.

A source told The Sun: "She is really happy. It's no secret that at times she has struggled with the split. But she gets on with Will like a house on fire."

Jessica, 30, has a three-year-old son Eddie with Nick, 55, and the TV star has met her new love.

The insider added: "Nick was very polite. All he cares about is Eddie's happiness and that he is surrounded by stable people.

"Obviously Nick has done a lot of work with injured soldiers through the military charity Walking with the Wounded so he has a lot of respect for anyone in the Forces.

"He has no problem with William and feels everyone has to move on at some stage."

Meanwhile, Jessica recently accused Nick of emotional cruelty and said he was refusing to pay for private school for Eddie.

In a detailed Twitter post, she said: "As all parents can relate, children starting school is an incredibly emotional and happy time.

"I did not submit a submission for Eddie as it has been long agreed by my (soon to be ex) husband that Eddie would be privately educated - a luxury he is in the position to afford, as he has done for all his other children.

"As such, Eddie is enrolled to start private school this September (a school that me and my husband visited and chose together) except that he won't, as I was advised by my husband's solicitor that this promise has been withdrawn.

"After years of intimidation, emotional cruelty, abuse and eventually isolation (that I have kept silent about - of which I have diaries and images), this is the straw that broke the camels back.

"To add insult to injury - like many men in his position of wealth and power he has advised he will not pay any legal fees meaning that I cannot afford to fight for our son's education.

"My husband has also said he will not purchase a house or give a settlement of any kind for us, this is disappointing but not unexpected - some people's generosity is only present in front of TV cameras.

"Since he was born my sole priority has been Eddie's well-being and I felt my silence was in his best interest but years of abuse and bullying have taken their toll and now I have to fight, which isn't in my nature, but I'm fighting for my son. What mother wouldn't (sic)."

Nick has denied Jessica's accusations.