Coming to Netflix worldwide, excluding the United States, is new series Nightflyers, based on the George R. R. Martin novella of the same name. Set in the future on the eve of planet Earth’s destruction, it’s a sci-fi story with a twist. Whilst elements may seem similar to stuff we’ve seen in the past on both the big and small screen, it promises to be a compelling adventure. You can check out the exciting first teaser trailer for the show below:

The series follows a group of space explorers who are using the most advanced ship the world has ever seen – The Nightflyer – in a bid to intercept a mysterious alien spacecraft that could hold the key to survival. With the fate of humanity at stake, their mission is the most important one in the world.

Nearing their destination, they come to realise that the artificial intelligence on board their ship, as well as its never-seen captain, could be steering them in a dangerous and deadly direction, forcing them into the dark reaches of unexplored space.

Some brilliant names make up the cast of Nightflyers, with Gretchen Mol as Dr. Agatha Matheson, Eoin Macken as Karl D’Branin, David Ajala as Roy Eris, Sam Strike as Thale, Maya Eshet as Lommie, Angus Sampson as Rowan, Jodie Turner-Smith as Melantha Jhirl, and Brian F. O’Byrne as Auggie.

Those who aren’t familiar with the story will of course be expecting some huge twists and turns from the series. Martin is a man who isn’t afraid to throw danger at his leading characters, as we’ve seen in his A Song of Ice & Fire novel series, which the hit HBO series Game of Thrones is based on.

It’s going to be very interesting to see just how one of Martin’s stories fares on the small screen following the huge success of GoT; especially so with such a switch-up in genre! Expectations are high, so let’s hope the series lives up to its predecessor.

Nightflyers is expected to come to Netflix in all territories excluding the United States later this year.

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