Nikki Grahame had convinced nurses that she was "fine" just before she died.

Nikki Grahame's mother recalls daughter's desperate state before her death

Nikki Grahame's mother recalls daughter's desperate state before her death

The former 'Big Brother' star had struggled with anorexia for a number of years and eventually lost her battle with the eating disorder back in April 2021 aged just 38 and now her mother Sue has revealed that doctors sent her home from hospital hours before she passed.

Speaking on 'BBC Breakfast', Sue said: "She was blue-lighted to the local hospital in Dorset and she was there for two weeks. She had a BMI of 10, she was pitiful, and I went there every day to shower her, to dress her, to sit with her, while she ate, to take the load of the nurses, it wasn’t a specialised unit. Nikki managed to convince them, 'I’ll be fine when I go home..'They’d already said 'We can’t have you, you can’t make stairs' so they let her go home and she died that night."

The reality star - who became known for her uttering the catchphrase “Who is she?” during her time on 'Big Brother' back in 2006 - will be remembered as part of a tribute documentary set to air tonight almost exactly a year on from her tragic death and Sue noted that Nikki was never "happier" than during her stint on television.

She said: “’Big Brother’ saved her life because that was the healthiest and happiest she had been for those years. So when the doors opened and she heard the cheering, it was genuine, her tears. Going on 'Big Brother' was her dream and I’m really glad she did it, she deserved it.”

'Nikki Grahame: Who Is She?' is set to air Thursday (07.04.22) on Channel 4 at 9pm.