Nikki Grahame's mum cuddles her daughter's teddy bear every night.

Nikki Grahame was the focus of a Channel 4 documentary

Nikki Grahame was the focus of a Channel 4 documentary

The former 'Big Brother' star died in April last year, at the age of 38, following a lengthy battle with anorexia, and her mum Sue has revealed that she still cuddles the Pingu teddy that Nikki held when she passed away.

She shared: "I cuddle him every night now because actually it brings me a bit closer to Nikki."

Sue has also kept hold of the dress that Nikki wore to the National Television Awards in 2006.

She described the success as "the happiest day of her life".

In the Channel 4 documentary 'Nikki Grahame: Who Is She?', Sue added: "I have never seen her more proud and happy as I did that night."

Sue previously described the documentary as a celebration of her daughter's life.

She said: "Nikki was so much more than a reality TV contestant and I am looking forward to celebrating her short life in this documentary.

"It will be tough, but Nikki was one special girl - kind and smart with the biggest heart - and I know [director] Jane [Preston] and Angel Eye [Media] will do her proud."

Executive producer Ollie Durrant also described the project as a "fitting tribute to her legacy".

He explained: "We are honoured to be making this important film with Nikki’s family and friends.

"She was an amazingly kind, caring person who despite her own struggles, worked tirelessly to raise awareness of anorexia and the exponential rise of mental health issues in society today.

"We hope this film is a fitting tribute to her legacy."