Nile Rodgers is to stand in for Robbie Williams on Sunday's (04.11.18) 'The X Factor'.

Nile Rodgers

Nile Rodgers

The Chic co-founder will help the 44-year-old singer with his Groups on Saturday's (03.11.18) show, which is to be pre-recorded rather than go out "as live", and he will step in for the 'Rock DJ' hitmaker on the panel on Sunday, because Robbie has pre-arranged tour commitments in South America.

A TV source told The Sun newspaper: "Robbie was originally due to be off this Saturday as well but ITV have agreed a pre-record 'X Factor' earlier in the evening so it means Robbie can do the show then get a late flight to Chile.

"The show will air 'as live' in its usual slot.

"Nile is a music legend so viewers will be in for a treat."

The 'Le Freak' hitmaker will help the 'Let Me Entertain You' star with his three remaining acts Misunderstood, A* and Vibe 5 - after LMA Choir were booted off the show last weekend - on Saturday's show, and he will have a casting vote about who goes from the series when he steps in on Sunday.

Last month, show boss Simon Cowell admitted he was yet to make up his mind about who could take Robbie's place while he is in South America - but hinted his former Take That bandmate Jason Orange was a potential candidate.

Simon said at the time: "I was just thinking about this the other day - so what are we going to do? Jason?"

Robbie then joked: "Jason Orange? Good luck getting him to work."

Simon laughed, and then said: "That [replacing Robbie] is going to be an issue."

Robbie admitted he was "genuinely gutted" about taking a break from the programme, and insisted he wouldn't be going if he hadn't already arranged the South America leg of his 'The Heavy Entertainment Show Tour'.

He added: "I'm gutted that I've got to go. Genuinely, genuinely gutted that I've got to go. It was all booked in before. I'm going to go off and do a few gigs in South America.

"I'm looking forward to going down there because I haven't been there forever, but if I'd have known it wouldn't be happening, put it that way. I'm going to miss the show."