Nina Conti Live: Dolly Mixtures

Nina Conti Live: Dolly Mixtures

Nina Conti has joked that when audiences go to her gigs she turns them "lurid and sexual".

The comedienne said that the infamous mask sketch that takes place during her shows often results in some of the crowd turning into "monsters".

Speaking to BANG Showbiz she explained: "People get very lurid and sexual quite easily, I promise that's not my fault! But often that's what happens when you put a mask on someone it actually unleashes a monster. I try for it not to go that way but on occasion is has!"

Appearing on-stage with a variety of puppets, she says the juiciest part of her show is when members of the audience are invited on-stage to wear a mask controlled by Nina, vowing not to poke fun at any celebrities.

"The next show is 100 per cent mask work. But I tend not to comment on famous people, it's my thing I feel like it's freeloading. It's very interfering to take someone's personality and start saying things I guess.

"Someone would have to be very hateful for me to have to do that. No one has been hateful enough."

Nina's rumoured to have made Prince Harry wear a mask whilst performing at his birthday and while her characters are based on real-life personalities, she says her act isn't insulting.

Nina Conti Live: Dolly Mixtures is out on DVD, 24th November, courtesy of Universal Pictures (UK). Nina Conti can be found tweeting @ninaconti and her companion Monkey can be found tweeting @monkeyconti

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