Noel Gallagher turned down an offer to appear on 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher

The 49-year-old guitarist was approached to take part in numerous TV shows when he quit Oasis in 2009 and took a break from the limelight until he returned with his debut solo album 'Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' in 2011.

Noel can recall getting a phone call from his manager telling him producers wanted him for the BBC One ballroom show, but the offer was met with silence.

During an appearance on Steve Lamacq's show on BBC Radio 6 Music on Friday afternoon (09.12.16), he spilled: "I was asked to go on 'Strictly Come Dancing'. It was just when Oasis split up and I didn't do anything for like a couple of years. There's obviously someone there going, 'You know what. He'll be up for it now. He'll be desperate now.' My manager called me up, saying I don't really want to, legally, I have to inform you of this. Are you aware of 'Strictly Come Dancing'?' 'EEE,' the phone goes.' "

Noel was also once asked to appear on 'Top Gear' to take part in the 'Star in a Reasonably Priced Car' test track segment.

However, the 'D'You Know What I Mean?' hitmaker - who was joined in Oasis by his estranged brother Liam Gallagher - spurned the offer as he can't drive.

He revealed: "I was asked to go on 'Top Gear' a lot and they would never ever seem to realise what I was saying when I say, 'But I can't drive.' 'Don't worry about that, Jeremy (Clarkson) will sort that out.' It's like, 'How? I can't drive. I haven't got a licence I cannot drive a car'. 'Don't worry about that, The Stig will teach you.' "

Noel has made no secret of the fact that Simon Cowell personally asked him to be a judge on 'The X Factor' but he had to politely decline the job because he knew his personality wouldn't suit the format of the pop star search show.

He said: "Yeah. I can't be bothered being on 'The X Factor', it's hard work all that kind of thing, you know what I mean? You'd have to be there every Saturday night, as well as sitting there in, you know, Birmingham Arena, sitting there thinking 'Kill me now.' Someone else 'Flying Without Wings.' This is just appalling. Clearly, you know, 'No.' "