Olivia Attwood says contestants don't go on 'Love Island' to find 'The One'.

Olivia Attwood

Olivia Attwood

The 28-year-old reality star appeared ITV2 dating reality show in 2017 and finished in third place after coupling up with Chris Hughes, however, she claims she only signed up to the show for the "experience", not to find a potential husband.

She said: "I don't think anyone ever goes on 'Love Island' for love. Anyone who tries to claim they do is weird, it's just like embarrassing. Like, come on, there are easier ways to meet someone. I went on for the experience, not thinking I was going to meet my husband. Now, when people go in, they know what's up for grabs, but we had no idea how big it was until we left."

And Olivia says that the instant fame has changed a lot of the people she shared the villa with and insisted that boys are particularly "affected" by it.

She added: "I just think the boys seem to be more affected by it. Girls are a bit more unfazed. Guys come out and all the Insta followers and attention goes to their heads."

The blonde beauty dated Chris for seven months after the show ended before they broke up, but when Olivia thinks about her time in the villa she has only likes to focus on the good memories of the time she spent with her friends on the programme and he doesn't enter her mind now.

In an interview with Heat magazine, she said: "To be honest when I think about my 'Love Island' memories, Chris doesn't even come into them, because I try to remember my good memories."

Olivia is keen to do more reality television in the future but she wants to spend the summer recovering from her new boob job - which saw her have her cup size reduced - and enjoying some time with her Blackburn Rovers soccer player boyfriend Bradley Dack.

She said: "I'm definitely keen to do more reality TV - that's where I feel most at home. Right now, I'm just focusing on recovery from [my breast] surgery and the end of Brad's summer, but I don't think there's much that I'd be scared to do."