Olivia Buckland is regularly bed-bound for few days at a time.

Olivia Buckland

Olivia Buckland

The former 'Love Island' star - who shot into the limelight in 2016 when she and her now-fiance Alex Bowen fell in love in the villa - was diagnosed with an under-active thyroid when she was just 10 years old and, although she tries not to let her condition affect her life, she has admitted she's sometimes confined to her bed with exhaustion.

Speaking to OK! Online, she said: "Sometimes I won't get out of bed for a couple of days. Knowing about it gives you the voice even to say to your friend you're not being dramatic, horrible or boring, it's a serious thing.

"I don't have any energy! A lot of people asked me this but what we see on Instagram is completely different thing. I'm always taking naps and a lot of the times when I don't post it's because I'm struggling. I have to take antidepressants now to combat that."

But it's not just her depression she has to manage as the 23-year-old beauty - who is set to marry Alex this year - is sometimes struck with anxiety and can't leave the house.

She said: "The thing is, I'm a confident person but there are times when I suffer. I do suffer badly from anxiety. I want to make sure people know it can happen to anyone and it's not weird, you just need to talk to people.

"I got back from Milan the other day and I couldn't even leave the house, I felt like my heart was going all funny. I was meant to go out for a birthday meal but I just sat in and cried. There's no shame in it, it happens. The key is just remembering to talk to someone you trust, anyone, and trying to remember to breathe in those situations."