Paddy McGuinness has defaced Eamonn Holmes' Manchester United mug.

Paddy McGuinness (c) Twitter

Paddy McGuinness (c) Twitter

The 'Take Me Out' star will certainly be in hot water when the 'This Morning' host returns to present tomorrow's (12.0118) brunch time show alongside his wife Ruth Langsford to find his ceramic cup - emblazoned with his favourite football team - spoiled after the cheeky comedian scribbled "BWFC" - to represent the Bolton Wanderers - across it.

Phillip Schofield - who presents the show alongside his co-host Holly Willoughby - stared at the mug as they kicked off Paddy's interview on today's (11.01.18) programme, before adding: "I'm looking at the cup that's got Eamonn written on it."

Paddy, 44, added: "Yeah they've given me Eamonn's cup."

Phillip, 55, replied: "You're very honoured."

But Paddy didn't seem overly impressed about drinking from a mug that supports a football team that isn't his own and he said: "But it's all Man United. So I'm just going to alter things. I hope he's watching this," as he pulled out his pen from his pocket.

Phillip screeched: "He's not going to be happy with you."

Holly questioned: "What are you writing on there?"

Paddy said as he scribbled on the mug: "BWFC - Bolton Wanderers."

Holly replied: "Oh my goodness me, he's going to go mad."

But Paddy was impressed with his artwork and said smugly: "There you are Eamonn, put that in you pipe and smoke it."