Patti Clare looks like she has "swallowed two golf balls" after accidentally taking too much herbal tonic.

Patti Clare

Patti Clare

The 'Coronation Street' actress - who plays comical character Mary Taylor in the ITV soap - has advised fans to always read the instructions on medication after she suffered an allergic reaction when she downed more than she was supposed to.

She wrote on Twitter: "Last night I accidently took too big a dose of this herbal tonic I have for the menapause & I had an allergic reaction which included me looking like Id swallowed 2 golf balls. Pls always be careful with properly reading instructions. Even on herbal stuff! Ive learnt my lesson (sic)"

This comes after Patti recently revealed she loves to drive "very aggressively" when she is listening to Whitney Houston sing power ballads.

She tweeted: "I have discovered listening to Whitney singing power ballads makes me drive very aggressively..... Who knew??!! (sic)"

Patti's comments come after her on-screen daughter-in-law Victoria Ekanoye, who plays Angie Appleton in the soap, admitted earlier this week she "feels really bad" that her character attempted to kiss her boss Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson).

She tweeted: "Ohhh Angie I mean don't get me wrong, Jude's been a right tit. Lying to your wife ... for 2 whole years?!? But, I just feel really bad for him #Corrie #TheAppletons (sic)"

Angie turned to Adam for support after discovering her man Jude Appleton (Paddy Wallace) - the son of Patti's alter-ego - actually works in the gift shop at the marine life centre, and has lied for the last few years about being a qualified marine biologist.