Paul Danan died and had to be brought back to life after snorting heroin in 2007.

Paul Danan

Paul Danan

The 39-year-old actor, who played Sol Patrick in 'Hollyoaks', has battled addictions to cocaine and painkillers for more than a decade and has admitted he came perilously close to losing his life in an incident he compared to a memorable scene from 'Pulp Fiction'.

Paul, who is starring in this year's 'Celebrity Big Brother', recalled: "My mum found me in my bed and I was making these weird noises and choking on my last breath.

"The ambulance was down the road thankfully, but by the time they arrived I was dead and they brought me back to life. It was awful.

"It was so dangerous as I didn't even know how to take it, that you were meant to use foil, or inject, or even smoke it, so I snorted it as I'd done cocaine and thought it was like that."

Paul likened his near-miss to the scene in 'Pulp Fiction' when Uma Thurman's character Mia Wallace mistakes heroin for cocaine and snorts it.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Paul shared: "I did a 'Pulp Fiction', like when she snorts the heroin.

"And what happens to her? She's pretty much dead and needs the reversal, she needed the injection in her heart, that's what I needed to bring me back.

"They call it 'going over', and that happened to me."

But Paul has insisted heroin was not a long-term problem in his life, saying he's only taken it one time.

He explained: "I wasn't a heroin addict. I took it once and have never touched it since."

However, he admitted drugs have been a persistent problem for him over the last decade.

The actor confessed: "In 2006 and 2007 I was in and out of rehab for cocaine and party drugs and would just keep relapsing and have to go back in.

"Then I was OK for a few years, but in 2010 I came off my motorbike and broke my shoulder and learnt doctors give painkillers out like anything, so I soon became addicted to codeine.

"I kept taking the painkillers to numb the pain and because I have a tendency for addiction, I got used to them and once you get used to opiates you get used to that pill, so you need more to take the pain away."

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