Paul Martin hopes there will be some "special" episodes of 'Flog It!' before it retires from screens.

Paul Martin

Paul Martin

The 59-year-old presenter and antiques expert has spent the past 18 years working on the daytime antiques show, and after it was announced that the BBC are axing the programme, he admits he's "missing" the show already and hopes it gets the send off it deserves.

Paul would like to see celebrity or charity episodes air.

He said: "Secretly I'm thinking maybe there'll be some specials or some Children In Need ones or a celebrity 'Flog It!'.

"It's down to the channel really and I can't make those decisions. I'm kind of missing it already. It's 18 years of my life."

Paul is keeping busy since the announcement, with his new show 'Make Me A Dealer', which is similar to 'Flog It!", having kicked off on BBC One on Monday (05.11.18)

And he also has another game show in the pipeline, 'Curiosity', which will pit two amateur antiques enthusiasts against each other to make the most money at auction.

He told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre TV column: "It's two teams using their skill and intuition. It's against-the-clock and they've got to answer questions on antiques, on collectables, on history, on all things vintage.

"They've also got to complete tasks in room sets, dating decades. And then they battle it out and the winners take home £1,000.

"It's really unpredictable, it's crazy, it's oozing with fun. It's going to be one of the best shows on BBC TV."

The BBC was inundated with complaints over their decision to axe 'Flog It!'.

Upset viewers have been bombarding the broadcaster with calls, urging them to rethink their decision.

After it was announced the show was to be axed, BBC controller of daytime and programming Dan McGolphin praised the BBC1 series as a "huge success" but insisted it was necessary to make changes to appeal to a new generation of viewers.

He said: "If we're trying to create the new generation then some of the long-running shows will have to go.

"Now and again, we reach a time to move on and modernise, bringing through some new shows.

"The ideas we have here are hugely scalable, they are modern and accessible, lots of fun and hugely relevant to people across the UK."