Peter Capaldi wants "lots more kissing" in 'Doctor Who'.

Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi

The 57-year-old actor thinks the sci-fi show needs more romantic scenes but insisted that they won't be between him and 29-year-old Jenna Coleman (who plays the Doctor's assistant Clara) as that would be "creepy".

He said: "There should be lots more kissing in 'Doctor Who'. So long as it's not the Doctor and Clara.

"It would be completely creepy. It's fine if you have handsome young men like [previous Time Lords] Matt Smith and David Tennant, but as a father I felt it would be inappropriate."

Speaking about the Doctor's onscreen friendship with Clara, Peter added: "There is no equivalent in TV or fiction, a friendship between an alien creature and an extremely bright, clever and brave young woman. It's unusual for a man of my age to be friendly with such a youthful lady. She wants to go out into the universe and enjoy herself, happy to be reckless and in danger."

And he also spoke about his own affection for Jenna, who has become a friend in real life too.

He told Radio Times magazine: "I was so lucky it was Jenna because it might not have worked with anyone else. It's tricky to come into a long-established show, especially as the lead, and Jenna has proved to be a wonderful actress and friend."