Though he’s on his way out as The Doctor in Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi is still a hugely popular actor with fans of the sci-fi series, and he’s often accosted by viewers when he’s out and about on the streets. For some, this would get a little annoying, but according to Capaldi, he’s more than happy to meet those who watch him on TV.

Peter Capaldi as the Doctor

Peter Capaldi as the Doctor

Speaking with Digital Spy, he explained: “I think that there is clearly a responsibility, which is very easy to address, because people don’t really ask very much of you. They just like you to show up, and smile at them, and be nice. And actually that’s an incredibly pleasant place to be, on the other side of that.

“As a kid, I liked Doctor Who, so I wouldn’t have liked to have met Doctor Who and found them to be rather unpleasant, or preoccupied with other things. And it doesn’t take much to be friendly. So I just try to be friendly to them, that’s all.”

Playing the Doctor is something that’s had a bit of a profound effect on many of the people who have stepped into the role, with writer and actor Mark Gatiss revealing how he’d heard former Doctor Tom Baker had made a huge lifestyle change after landing the role.

He said: “I remember distinctly reading that Tom Baker had given up smoking in the street, because he couldn’t bear the idea of children seeing him like that. Things have slightly changed, but it’s the same principle, isn’t it? It’s an ambassadorial role.”

Now, with Jodie Whittaker set to become the 13th Doctor and the first female-bodied Doctor leading the series, it would seem the actress is also enjoying getting on the street and meeting the fans, with a number of viewers taking to social media to share pictures with the actress:

Doctor Who returns at Christmas for a special episode, ahead of a new series next year in the autumn.

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