Peter Capaldi was chased out of Peter Jackson's house by a Dalek after trying to force him to sign a contract to direct an episode of 'Doctor Who'.

Peter Capaldi ambushes Peter Jackson and his daughter Katie in Doctor Who sketch

Peter Capaldi ambushes Peter Jackson and his daughter Katie in Doctor Who sketch

The 57-year-old actor showed up at 'The Hobbit' director's home in New Zealand demanding he sign a contract sent by showrunner Steven Moffat in a sketch posted on Jackson's Facebook page.

The skit began with Peter and his daughter Katie discussig the prospect of him directing an episode of the BBC sci-fi drama.

She says: "Hey Dad, Steven Moffat's trying to email you ... He wants you to direct an episode of 'Doctor Who' but you're not replying to his emails."

Poking fun at Moffat's busy schedule as showrunner for both 'Doctor Who' and 'Sherlock', Jackson replys: "Well look, put it this way, I reply to the ones I can understand but some are a bit incoherent ... Like his scripts. You can't blame him, he's writing 'Doctor Who' at 10 o'clock in the morning, 11 o'clock gotta do 'Sherlock', bang it in an email to Peter Jackson in between. I can't even read them half the time. So, anyway, look, I do my best."

Capaldi can then be seen sneaking into the 'Lord of the Rings' filmmaker's home as he continues to polish his numerous Academy Awards while discussing Moffat's health.

Capldi - in character as the titular Time Lord - says: "Hello, I'm looking for a director ... Does a director live here? Peter Jackson?"

Jackson - who was made a Knight Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2010 - replys: "Sir Peter? Sir Peter lives here."

Ignoring the director's official title, he hands him a contract and orders him to sign it "right away".

Capaldi is then chased out of the house by one of 'Doctor Who' fan Jackson's life-size Dalek's shouting "you will be exterminated".

Jackson - who cast the seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy in 'The Hobbit' films as Radagast the Brown wizard because he's such a big fan of the show - then turns to his daughter to make one last dig.

He says: "Is that the TV on? Is it 'Doctor Who' night tonight? Fantastic, because that means on the other channel there's 'The Walking Dead'. Let's go!"