A brand new study from Netflix has revealed that the majority of Brits (68%) think that their pets make the perfect binge partners when it comes to watching our favourite shows on the streaming service! Though it may sound surprising, should we really be raising an eyebrow? Our dogs don’t watch an episode of a series without us, and our cats certainly don’t tell us the latest spoilers for Stranger Things before we’ve had a chance to catch up!

Millie Bobby Brown enjoys The Crown with the show's corgis!

Millie Bobby Brown enjoys The Crown with the show's corgis!

Never hogging the remote and even allowing us some comfort during sad or scary scenes (one in three say they’ve turned to their pet for emotional support), our pets are without a doubt some brilliant viewing partners. 22% of those who took part in Netflix’s research even admitted to talking to their furry friends about the series or movie they were watching! A little odd, but we’ll roll with it…

Dog owners were found to be more into action shows such as Narcos and Altered Carbon, whilst cat owners tend to enjoy sci-fi series including Black Mirror and Star Trek: Discovery. Those who love their birds enjoy comedies such as Orange is the New Black, and when it comes to Stranger Things, it seems to be a show that brings all species of pets together!

Celebrating the research, Netflix have teamed up with Dogs Trust, creating matches made in binging heaven and identifying the five top puppy personalities, and the best shows to watch with them. Dogs Trust used the behaviour types of each of the pooches across the country to slot them perfectly alongside some huge Netflix shows, allowing you to find your perfect pup match! Check out the video below to discover which dogs are best for which shows!

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