Phillip Schofield found his one chip challenge on 'This Morning' today (14.11.17) "really painful", despite keeping his cool whilst on air.

Phillip Schofield

Phillip Schofield

The 55-year-old presenter impressed viewers during today's episode when he became the first person on British television to put the world's hottest crisp - which left one US news anchor on the floor live on air - in his mouth, and whilst he appeared to be fine whilst the cameras were rolling, it was a different story once the programme had finished.

In an "aftermath" clip shared on the ITV daytime show's Facebook page, Phillip revealed he felt "alarmed" by the pain in his mouth.

He said: "My tongue is really, really on fire. It's spreading. This is quite alarming now. It is really, really painful now."

The silver fox was offered milk by co-host Holly Willoughby and fellow presenter Alison Hammond, but he refused as he was determined to break the record of lasting a whopping seven minutes without cooling his mouth.

He added: "I am actually not going to have anything, so that'll be it. My record will be forever, because I'm not going to have any pain relief what-so-ever."

In the end, Phillip managed to make it to an impressive eight minutes and 40 seconds before forcing himself to give in and drink some milk, for fear of being sick if he didn't calm his stomach.

Before the clip was shared on social media, Phillip had taken to Twitter to reveal he had come down with the shivers, despite claiming the heat wasn't that bad when he first put the chip in his mouth.

He wrote: "After eating the hottest chilli in the world, I'm now recovering Sitting in my dressing room with the shivers! All ok till it hit my stomach 8 minutes later!! I love a challenge pahaha .. but I'm not looking forward to tomorrow, (sic)"