Rachel Adedeji says her 'Hollyoaks' character will go "to the dark side" in an upcoming storyline.

Rachel Adedeji

Rachel Adedeji

The 27-year-old singer-and-actress has revealed her alter-ego Lisa Loveday is set to be back to her manipulative best, which will see her choose guys over her own family members, much to the former 'X Factor' star's disappointment.

She said: "All I can say is that Lisa's very good at playing that manipulative person. Her family sort of fall for that again, because before she left she was always like that.

"She's very good at not revealing too much, but then eventually it all unfolds and you do realise what really went down and again it's a boy that's involved. I won't say too much but just watch out, she's basically going to the dark side a little bit, and she does choose boys before her family which I don't condone!"

Rachel - who departed 'Oaks' in December 2017 to go on maternity leave, and went on to give birth to daughter Lillian later that month - admits Lisa will be "up to no good" upon her return from Thailand, where she failed to "find herself".

Speaking to promote 'Hollyoaks' new collaboration with Outfit to create the ultimate party edit, she added: "I had to go off and have a baby, but for storyline she went away to Thailand to find herself.

"Coming back, you'd expect drama to unfold a little bit, she's up to no good, a boy's

involved, it's all very exciting and very Lisa.

"I don't think she did much finding of herself in Thailand. I can't wait for you to see."

Rachel recently admitted she was anxious about returning to the soap following her maternity leave.

She said: "It hasn't actually felt like I've left but it's been amazing, everyone's so welcoming as usual. Initially I was very nervous because I felt like a new girl again.

"I was like 'I hope I know how to act' because I'd been out of the game for a while, but it straight away comes back to you funnily enough. As soon as I get the heels on, the wig on, I'm like, 'Yeah, she's back baby!' It's amazing and I'm glad I came back when I did."