Rachel Riley is set to go head-to-head with trivia fans in a new challenge.

Rachel Riley

Rachel Riley

The 'Countdown' star is returning to skill-gaming app FleetWit for her weekly live challenges, which will see her take on users in a game on their chosen trivia category every Thursday in August.

Users can play against one another, or take on Rachel, and those that beat the former 'Strictly Come Dancing' contestant have the chance of winning a cash price.

But if Rachel wins, she will donate all her winnings to her chosen charity, The Angus Lawson Memorial Trust (ALMT).

She said: "When I was at uni, our whole college bar would gather round the quiz machine for a few games every night. Now my uni days are behind me I love playing FleetWit, the app for real quiz & trivia fans, right there on my phone for whenever I need my quick quiz fix"

The 32-year-old star originally collaborated with the app on a weekly challenge when it launched in the UK in May, and she generated almost £2,000 for charity, with FleetWit themselves donating an extra £1,000 for her cause.

Known as "races" within the app, FleetWit players can choose a game type and category ranging from General Trivia, Movies, Literature, History, Geography, Sports, Puzzles, Genius, Food and Drink, Music, Science and TV - testing their skills using intelligence and speed.

FleetWit is the newest smart-gaming app to launch that allows fans to earn money using skill and knowledge. It is currently available on Apple devices and will launch on Android in October.

To find out more visit https://www.fleetwit.com