Ray Winstone will "never say never" about appearing in 'EastEnders'.

Ray Winstone at the King of Thieves premiere

Ray Winstone at the King of Thieves premiere

The 61-year-old actor - who was born in East London district Homerton - insists he is unlikely to ever grace Walford with his presence because soap stars' schedules are so tough - but he has offered fans some hope that he may sip pints in the Queen Vic one day.

Speaking at the premiere of 'King of Thieves' at Leicester Square on Wednesday night (12.09.18), he exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "It's not for me. I've got mates in it who do a great job.

"But that thing about turning up five times a week, these guys work really hard, it just ain't for me.

"I wouldn't do it, and that's it. But never say never!"

Earlier this year, Ray said he would probably be the only one originally from East London in the soap - except his friend Perry Fenwick, who plays hapless Billy Mitchell - if he did ever rock up in Albert Square.

He said: "I think I'd probably be the only one from the East End in the show.

"Apart from my mate Perry."

In 2010, Ray was said to be wanted by show bosses for the soap after admitting he was "out of work and spending time with my wife and kids".

And three years earlier, the 'Sexy Beast' actor was linked to the role of his Billy's brother.

A source said at the time: "Perry and Ray are really big pals and love the idea of teaming up on the show.

"Ray is really keen to do it and has set aside some time from his movie commitments so he can do it later this year."