Channel 4 have today announced the commission of horror documentary series Nightmares from Eleven, depicting true tales of real life horror stories that are brought to life with interviews involving those who were caught up in the middle of the shocking and spooky goings on.

Which spooky stories will be told?

Which spooky stories will be told?

In each episode, a single story will be explored, with filmmakers drawing on true testimonies and using visually-striking drama to add to the terror.

Witnesses will be involved, giving their stories of paranormal activity and the like, explaining candidly how the experiences which many won’t believe could be true have affected their lives.

Commissioned by Dom Bird, Head of Formats at Channel 4 and produced for the channel by Eleven under Executive Producers Joel Wilson, Jamie Campbell and Alex Marengo, Nightmares is expected to debut later this year.

Dom Bird comments: “This series will deliver a haunting blend of first person testimony and cinematic drama, made all the more chilling with the knowledge that the stories are real.”

We’re very excited to be bringing Eleven’s expertise in both documentary and drama to the series”, adds Joel Wilson of Eleven. “Don’t watch it alone.” 

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