'The Real Marigold Hotel on Tour' is to return for another series.

Stanley Johnson

Stanley Johnson

The BBC travel documentary has been recommissioned for a further four episodes, which will see several celebrities travel to Russia, Mexico, Vietnam and Argentina to see if they could retire in any of the nations.

Stanley Johnson will be joined by Miriam Margolyes, Sheila Ferguson and Bobby George as they head to Russia's St Petersburg, where they will find out about unique health treatments, go motorcycling and discover more about the huge nation's political stance.

Sheila will also head to Argentina, where she will be joined by Wayne Sleep, Paul Nicholas and Jan Leeming.

The quartet will try out Tango dancing in the capital city, Buenos Aires, and explore courses for senior citizens, and go on a date.

Wayne, Stephanie Beacham, Syd Little and Rosemary Shrager will experience the delights of a Vietnamese night train as they explore the South-East Asian country, and the quartet will spend time in Hanoi, where they will join cycling and art clubs, and climb a mountain.

Rosemary and Paul will be joined by the Krankies - Ian and Janette Tough - on a trip to Mexico where they will trial retirement in the warm climate.

They will enjoy some athletic experiences in Guadalajara and Ajijic as they get to grips with wrestling and kayaking.

'The Real Marigold Hotel on Tour' is one of four commissions announced by the BBC to air over the coming months.

Viewers will also be able to take in the behind the scenes goings on at London's Corinthia hotel in 'A Very Modern Grand Hotel', and 'The Brigade' will see Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton guide 10 ambitious cooks on a journey across Europe in a bid to transform their careers.

What's more, 'The Case Of Sally Challen' will follow the appeal of Sally Challen's conviction for killing her husband Richard in August 2010 when she bludgeoned him over the head with a hammer, leaving a note saying: "I love you."

She was found guilty of murder, but her legal team are to present new evidence claiming she suffered psychological humiliation and abuse from him throughout their 31-year marriage, and they will argue this provoked her into the killing.

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