Reg Grundy has died aged 92, it's been revealed today (May 9), at his home in Bermuda where he's lived with his wife Joy since 1982.

Kylie Minogue in Neighbours as Charlene

Kylie Minogue in Neighbours as Charlene

With a production team behind the creation of Neighbours alongside head of drama Reg Watson, the producer was also responsible for bringing popular series Prisoner: Cell Block H to the small screen.

His company, The Reg Grundy Organisation, has since been responsible for producing some of the most popular shows to ever hit Australian television.

Now it's known as FremantleMedia after being bought, and the head of the company, Ian Hogg, said Grundy was an 'icon' of the business.

He said: "His legacy to Australian entertainment is insurmountable.

"His visionary ability to know how to connect Australian families through some of this country's most loved programming has stood the test of time.

"Reg is an icon and he will be sorely missed."

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