'Brain Reaction' presenter Richard Hammond has mocked his pal Jeremy Clarkson's memory.

Richard Hammond mocks Jeremy Clarkson's memory

Richard Hammond mocks Jeremy Clarkson's memory

The 52-year-old presenter's new comedy science panel show kicks off on Comedy Central this Wednesday (13.04.22) and sees team captains comedian Johnny Vegas and broadcaster Victoria Coren Mitchell compete for points by answering a series of brain teasers and challenges.

Hammond in his new role was previously mocked by his 'The Grand Tour' co-star for having “no capacity to remember anything” following two near-fatal car crashes, but now Richard has hit back at his 61-year-old friend insisting Jeremy's "memory is also crap".

Speaking in The Sun newspaper's TV Biz column, Hammond said: "Jeremy’s memory is also crap, and that is because he is ancient. I can’t run up a hill because I’ve crashed a car upside down off a mountain in flames.

“He can’t run up a hill because he’s fat.

“He’s one to talk about not being able to do stuff; I can’t remember stuff because I was brain injured, he can’t remember stuff because he’s old.”

Hammond - who co-hosted BBC Two’s ‘Top Gear’ from 2002 to 2015, alongside Clarkson and James May – in 2006 spent two weeks in a coma and sustained life changing brain injuries following a catastrophic car crash.

The near fatal accident, happened whilst filming an episode of ‘Top Gear’ at the RAF Elvington airfield near York.

He was driving at 317mph in a Vampire dragster – a jet-powered car that can reach up to 370mph – when the front tyre of the car unexpectedly failed. This caused the car to violently flip and roll.

Richard had to be rushed to hospital after being cut out with hydraulic shears.

Just over a decade later, whilst filming on Amazon’s 'The Grand Tour' in Switzerland, his was involved in another accident where his car flipped and burst into flames.

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