Rob Mallard is "relieved" his 'Coronation Street' alter ego has been unmasked as Ken Barlow's attacker as he was worried about keeping it a secret.

Rob Mallard

Rob Mallard

The 25-year-old actor's character Daniel Osbourne was recently revealed to have pushed his father (Bill Roache) down the stairs, and Rob is pleased it's out in the open because he was constantly afraid of accidentally letting something slip, and he's looking forward to what it means for his troubled character.

He said: "I'm relieved [it's out] because it means I'm not going to accidentally let it slip. And, from the character's perspective, I'm glad because now he is working in a backstreet bistro and he has no idea where he's going to go."

Despite the troubles in the Barlow family, Rob would love to see them all unite against a common enemy.

Asked if he thinks the Barlows will ever be properly reunited, he said: "Yes but they need a common cause, an equally powerful threat to bring them together - a bit like the Sopranos, but Weatherfield-style. As a unit, they could be very powerful if they pulled together, but they need a common enemy."

While the hunky actor thinks Daniel felt "guilty" and regretful about pushing Ken, he doesn't think he'd ever have confessed.

He said: "He felt remorse, regret, and shame. The attack wasn't premeditated, it was a spontaneous reaction to Ken's arrogance.

"He did feel guilty, but in terms of confessing, Daniel has always dealt with half-truths. When he first came to the street, he had this veneer of a story that Peter was the first one to see through. So, because he is good at protecting himself, confessing would be like ripping up his own work."

Hard-hitting upcoming scenes will see Daniel turn to drugs, and Rob can understand his actions.

He explained to heat magazine: "He's depressed and not really feeling anything. He just wants to feel something."

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