Rob Mallard wants Denise Black to return to 'Coronation Street'.

Rob Mallard

Rob Mallard

The 26-year-old actor - who portrays Daniel Osbourne in the long-running soap - is so desperate to have the 60-year-old actress reprise her role as his on-screen mother Denise Osbourne on the show that the pair have been pitching ideas to producers because they believe there's so much background to explore.

Speaking to Digital Spy, he said: "Absolutely. Two reasons, one there's so much information and story in their relationship that we don't know anything about.

"Me and Denise Black had some ideas about that and we pitched it, which is all we can do. But the second thing is that I'd love Denise to come and stay with me again for a bit because she's a great laugh!"

Although bosses don't seem eager to follow through with the pair's pitch at the moment, there could be an opportunity for Denise to return this year as Rob is just about to get his teeth into a heartbreaking cancer/pregnancy storyline.

The hunk's alter ego has just found out that his girlfriend Sinead Tinker (Katie McGlynn) is 12 weeks pregnant with his baby, but little does he know that she's been experiencing bleeding over the last three months that she's been ignoring.

The couple arrived at their first scan in last night's (03.10.18) episode and were over the moon to find out that the baby was healthy with "long legs."

However, once the scan was over, Sinead sent Daniel off while she secretly involved the sonographer that she had been having vaginal bleeding.

After being examined by two doctors - including a gynaecologist - Sinead is told she has a lump on her cervix and she needs to have a biopsy done "ASAP."

The doctors then inform her that the lump may be cervical cancer.