Robbie Williams wants to represent the UK in the 'Eurovision Song Contest'.

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams

The 'Candy' hitmaker is reportedly toying with the idea of whether to put himself forward for the annual international TV song competition - which the UK hasn't won since Katrina And The Waves were crowned champions in 1997 - in 2019.

Radio DJ Scott Mills told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "I asked Robbie not so long ago if he'd do it and he said he was considering it. He is a fan and I don't think he was joking. He'd be awesome as he's an amazing performer.

"All it would take is for one big performer or person like him for other stars to go, 'OK, I'm doing it' to immediately change the perception of 'Eurovision'."

Scott believes a lot of the well-known British acts are embarrassed of the competition and wishes the successful artists - like Robbie - would put themselves forward because it would give the country more chance of winning the singing show.

The 44-year-old radio presenter explained: "If everyone saw 'Eurovision' in the way that countries like Sweden and the Scandinavian artists do, then big artists will go, 'Actually, it's not a shameful thing to be part of'.

"We could win in the future - it just needs a slight mindset change, which I think is happening but it could still take a while."

The 'Eurovision Song Contest' will hit television screens this weekend and the UK is being represented by 'Eurovision: You Decide' winner SuRie.

She said recently: "I can't believe this is happening, it's absolutely amazing.

"It's such an honour to have the opportunity to represent a country I'm very, very proud of and that I know I can do good things in Lisbon for. Thank you to everyone who voted and supported me. This is amazing."