Roman Kemp is single again.

Roman Kemp

Roman Kemp

The 25-year-old radio presenter is back on the market after he recently split from his girlfriend - who lives in Greece - because they were struggling to maintain their communication with her being on a different time zone and his early morning starts.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, he said: "It's hard. A long-distance relationship when you do a breakfast show is the toughest thing.

"It's all right... it's just one of those thins. But I'm very much back on the market."

And Roman certainly wasted no time putting his feelers out as he sent Hailey Baldwin - who is rumoured to be dating Shawn Mendes - a sweet message on Valentine's Day.

However, he was left red faced when she ignored him.

He explained: "She completely stonewalled me. It's so awkward."

However, Roman doesn't have time for love at the moment anyway as he's teamed up with James Corden - who currently presents 'The Late Late Show...' in the US - and his production team to create a new game show that will appeal to music lovers.

He said recently: "It's for music lovers who want fun and a bit of escapism.

"I'm fronting it. I took the idea to James Corden and his production company so we've been working on it for a while."

And, although he's busy working on his new project, Roman is adamant he won't be taking part in any reality TV shows because he'd rather focus on presenting them.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I would rather host those shows.

"For me, I'm a presenter and that's my job so if I'm not good enough to host the show then why I am in it?"