Ross Kemp would "never say never" about returning to 'EastEnders'.

Ross Kemp

Ross Kemp

The 54-year-old actor made his Albert Square comeback in 2016 when Grant Mitchell headed back to Walford for a brief stint to coincide with his mother Peggy Mitchell's (Dame Barbara Windsor) death, and Ross hasn't ruled out another appearance in east London.

He said: "Never say never. But there are loads more issues I'd love to make documentaries about too."

The 'Extreme World' presenter has kept in touch with Barbara since their 'EastEnders' days and admits she is "still the same Babs we know and love", despite some changes following her diagnosis with Alzheimer's disease.

He added to The Sun newspaper: "She's as vibrant as ever but her short-term memory has gone. One minute she knows who I am then she asks, 'Why are you here?' The thing about dementia is that the polite filter is gone.

"It's a bit like being a child again because you just say it how it is. Luckily, she says she still likes me, which is a relief.

"It's horrible to deal with but she's still the same Babs we know and love."

Last year, Ross accused former 'EastEnders' boss Sean O'Connor of working the cast "into the ground", and admitted there was a "very odd power balance" on the soap.

Ross said: "He reminded me of a sort of schoolteacher of a kind of third-rate public school.

"That's not really what you want for the cast of 'EastEnders'. You write it well, you cast it well and you do the right things - and you don't abuse certain members, i.e. you don't work them into the f****** ground, which is what happened.

"The cast are earning more than the executive producers, which makes it a very odd power balance, doesn't it?"

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