Rufus Hound has likened competing on 'Dancing on Ice' to performing with "knives tied to [his] feet".

Rufus Hound

Rufus Hound

The 41-year-old comedy star is relishing the challenge of competing on the show, but he acknowledges that it comes with a degree of danger.

He said: "If 'Strictly' announced they were going to do a week where all of the dancers had knives tied to their feet there would be a public outcry, it would be seen as being far too dangerous.

"‘Why would you do that? What a terrible idea!’ But we are doing that five time a week and live on Sundays."

Rufus has been partnered with Robin Johnstone on the ITV show, and he admits to being anxious about having to perform difficult lifts with the pro skater.

He told 'This Morning': "When you’re the male you’ve got to not only learn to ice dance but also learn to support the weight of another whole human being.

"Those are the challenges I face whereas the challenges that the female contestants will face is having to make these long flowing lines and try and transition gracefully from one position to another as well as actually show they can really do the moves and show they have learned to ice dance.

"So it does feel like it’s harder in lots of respects because the responsibility of not dropping your female pro on her head or face or putting an ice skate through their hand or what have you, but I wouldn’t say that it feels more challenging to me than it would feel to any other contestants."

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