Russell Kane's wife won't let him do 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

Russell Kane and Lindsey Cole

Russell Kane and Lindsey Cole

The 42-year-old comedian has admitted he's always shaking his hips at home so would jump at the chance to take part in the ballroom and latin show but he doesn't think his spouse Lindsey Cole would be keen on it though because of the "curse."

Speaking to the, he said: "I'm always dancing so you never know - the Strictly call might come one day.

"I don't think Lindsey would be very keen on that - as long as I'm not paired with any hot brunette dancers. She's worried about the curse of 'Strictly Come Dancing'."

However, the funny man has joked that he's "allowed" to do it if he dances with a man.

He added: "I'm only allowed to do it if I dance with a man, that's what Lindsey told me."

The popular show has become known for splitting up couples and developing new romances over the years and has now been given the famous title "the 'Strictly' curse."

It was recently claimed producers were panicking as some of the stars - including Lacey Turner, Angela Scanlon, Claude Littner, Mel Giedroyc and actress Martine McCutcheon - that they were keen to sign up have already snubbed the chance because they're worried about their real-life relationships breaking down.

A source said recently "'Strictly Come Dancing' used to be show that no celebrity ever turned down. But the curse has changed all that. There is now a genuine concern that appearing on the show can negatively impact relationships."

Jamie Redknapp has reportedly been contacted about the new series now that he's divorced from Louise Redknapp but he's snubbed the offer because he believes the BBC One show was to blame for his split from the singer after she competed alongside Kevin Clifton in 2016.

An insider said: "Jamie only has negative feelings about 'Strictly Come Dancing' now. There's absolutely no way he would appear."

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