Ryan Thomas' brother has praised him for being an "absolute champion" in the 'Celebrity Big Brother House'.

Ryan Thomas

Ryan Thomas

The former 'Coronation Street' actor was left distraught when former housemate Roxanne Pallett alleged he had punched her in the ribs and claiming she was too scared to sleep in the same room as him and though his family found the footage "heartbreaking" to watch, they hope now the actress has quit the show, he will be able to put the scandal behind him and start smiling again.

In a video message aired on 'Lorraine', Scott Thomas said: "Massive thank you for your support, its been so so tough the last few days, it's been heartbreaking for the family but we knew he'd get through it.

"He's handled it like an absolute champion and we're proud of him.

"We cant wait to see him smiling and hear that crazy Thomas laugh.

"Ryan for the win, come on bro."

Following Roxanne's reaction to their play fight, the 34-year-old actor broke down and admitted he'd been left "broken".

He sobbed: "I've done nothing, I don't understand how she can do this. I don't understand it.'

"I've got to get this show back on the road now and I have to make amends, I don't feel like I'm the one making amends but I'll be the bigger person. I'm not going to lie, it's broken me a little, and if I've offended someone, or done something wrong, I am so sorry. But I will not walk away from this, I'm not a quitter, I'm genuinely not."

Ryan also accused the 35-year-old actress of making up the allegations for more airtime.

He said: "I just walked past her in the kitchen, it's how I've been showing affection. I'm trying to show affection to everyone I can. But she's dragging it out, for what? More air time. She knows what she's doing, it's not her first barbecue."

After the footage was broadcast, over 20 of the actress' former 'Emmerdale' co-stars have spoken out to slam Roxanne for her conduct.