Ryan Thomas has been forced to leave the 'Celebrity Big Brother' main house and go into "quarantine" after falling ill with a mystery illness.

Ryan Thomas

Ryan Thomas

The former 'Coronation Street' actor hasn't had the easiest of times recently following his punch row with his former co-star Roxanne Pallett last week, and it seems all the stress has wreaked havoc with his stomach as he's been moved to the spare bedroom with a sick bucket because he's been feeling "unwell."

Big Brother announcer Marcus Bentley told viewers in last night's (06.09.18) episode that Ryan would be spending the day on his own, adding: "Ryan is feeling unwell. On medical advice, he will be spending the day in the spare bedroom."

Ryan's health has been deteriorating over the past few days as earlier this week he asked Big Brother if he could see a doctor because his muscles were aching.

He complained at the time: "Honestly you have no idea, all here, all here, everything is fully aching. I know tomorrow I'm going to feel worse. I've been in every bed here really. My leg is really sore."

Ryan's battle with ill health comes just days after Roxanne accused him of being a "woman beater" after he playfully jabbed her in the side while in the abode.

The former 'Emmerdale' star's accusations led to the 34-year-old actor receiving a warning from Big Brother, which infuriated viewers as they didn't believe he had done anything wrong nor had he intentionally set out to hurt the brunette actress.

Roxanne has since back-tracked on her allegations after leaving the infamous abode last week and has admitted she made a "horrible mistake".

But Ryan's mother Sandra is worried about his state of mind since the incident.

She said recently: "I don't think I'll ever forgive her. I just want Ryan to feel good in his own state of mind. That will help me forgive Roxy more, when he gets over it and he can be normal again. It's how she apologises to him.

"I can't watch him cry. It makes he really distressed, it really does. It hurts."