Rylan Clark-Neal quit 'This Morning' for the sake of his mental health.

Rylan Clark-Neal

Rylan Clark-Neal

The 29-year-old presenter - who is married to Dan Clark-Neal - has stepped down from his role on the daytime show after five years, but insisted he had no "ulterior motive" in doing so, other than needing some time to himself.

He said: "Some news outlets have said I'm having a baby, ­getting divorced and terminally ill.

"I'm really missing being there but I just need time to myself. People think there's an ulterior motive and there's not.

"I just needed a break for my head, for my body, for my peace of mind.

"I just needed a little break from working three, four, five jobs. That's all.

"I don't get holiday, I'm self-employed. That's a really big risk for anyone in telly.

"There's always 100 people that are ready to do your job -- but I needed to do it.

"People forget you're not just on telly for that hour.

"Today, for instance, I'm up at five. On a 'Big Brother' eviction night I wouldn't have got home until 1am.

"For my head, I just need to take a little break."

It was recently rumoured 'Big Brother' is facing the axe when Channel 5's contract with programme makers Endemol ends this summer, but the 'Big Brother's Bit on the Side' presenter still thinks it can be the "greatest show on telly".

He told The Sun newspaper: "If it didn't come back I would be utterly devastated.

"I can't imagine TV without 'Big Brother'.

"When C4 got rid of it I rang the helpline in Heat magazine. I was that ­devastated.

"Not many reality shows can say they've been on air for 18 years.

"I'd love to see it make 20 years -- of course I would.

"I think it's time to make 'Big Brother' what it was.

"I've always had one­ ­million per cent faith in the format and that it can be the greatest show on telly."

But Rylan did admit the show needs to change.

He added: "There are changes coming, definitely. They did such a great job with 'Love Island'."