Rylan Clark-Neal felt frightened by a homophobic ghost on 'Celebrity Ghost Hunt'.

Rylan Clark-Neal

Rylan Clark-Neal

The 29-year-old TV presenter and 'The Only Way Is Essex' star Bobby Norris were both left feeling petrified by a homophobic and racist woman-hating ghost, according to psychic Alex Gibbs.

Alex - who claims that her spirit warned them of a dangerous presence in one of the haunted schools, castles and bunkers they visited - explained: "I tried to channel who was there through my guide and picked up a bad energy. I could sense the person was male but was using nasty words. They had very strong views. He was homophobic as well as racist and anti-women.

"Bobby suddenly became the worst affected. We had to get him out. He nearly passed out. He felt faint and sick. I'd never seen someone so adversely affected. It was horrible."

Alex also said that the homophobic ghost unnerved Rylan, who married his partner Dan Neal in 2015.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, she shared: "Rylan didn't like it either. And what was interesting was that he had sensed something bad in the place before we went in. He picked up the phrase 'Backs against the walls, boys' which is what homophobic people say when they encounter gay men.

"I had to shut this spirit down and we had to go. It's since been confirmed that there was a man like this by someone who knows the history of the place."