Saira Khan has blasted Marnie Simpson.

Saira Khan

Saira Khan

The 'Loose Women' is not a fan of her 'Celebrity Big Brother' co-star's antics in the house with Lewis Bloor and has compared her raunchy behaviour with "prostitution".

According to the Daily Star, she said on 'The Wright Stuff': "Marnie came in with the intention of having sex. For me, it's prostitution."

Speaking about the younger contestants, she added: "This opportunity might give them a chance to show a different side to them. They went in playing characters."

Saira also slammed Marnie for flashing her breasts at her after fellow housemates issued a dare.

She fumed: "To do that to another woman was degrading."

But Marnie's cousin Sophie Kasaei hit back at Saira's "disgusting" comments.

She told the newspaper: "It's pretty disgusting to call someone a prostitute.

"Saira took a lot of flak for saying her husband could sleep with other women yet she doesn't mind handing out the insults herself, does she?

"How would Saira know what Marnie was going to do in the house unless she's psychic?"

Saira was the second celebrity to be evicted from the 'CBB' house but insisted she only took part for the money.

She said: "I went in because it's a great pay cheque."