Saira Khan and her daughter Amara Hyde "always say a special wish" for her biological mother.

Saira Khan and Amara

Saira Khan and Amara

The 48-year-old TV presenter adopted her girl from Pakistan seven years ago when she was less than a week old, and she and husband Steven Hyde have always been honest about how she came into their lives.

Speaking on ITV's 'Loose Women' with Amara making her first TV appearance, Saira said: "Amara knows that she doesn't come out of my tummy but there is a special lady out there who we always say a special wish for, and say thank you so much for everything you've done, and that we're looking after her."

The orphanage had children who were left in cradles at areas like bus stops, and Saira broke down in tears as she thanked Amara's biological mum for choosing to give her daughter a chance at finding a family.

She added: "We know nothing [about her birth], but I always say - and I'm gonna take this moment to say it - to whoever is out there. Thank you for bringing Amara and putting her in that cradle... Because some babies don't get put into the cradle for whatever reason."

The TV star made a BBC documentary - 'Adopting Abroad, Saira's Story' - about her experiences, which they still watch as a family on Amara's birthday.

Saira watched a clip from the show before her daughter joined them on air.

Reflecting on the moment she first held Amara, she said: "Goodness me, she was tiny. And all I remember is when the put her in my arms, she was mine, that was in. I looked into these huge eyes, and they were staring back at me like that and I just thought oh my goodness."